I am extremely happy and excited to present you ROZO my new and innovative collection of jewelry for sunglasses.
My idea to take the traditional and simple lace and make it into a trendy jewelry was born in my last trip to South America, where I was looking for a solution to wear my sunglasses without using the old and outdated lace. It was that moment when I decided that this will be my next challenge when I come back to Israel.

Now, after six months of design and development, I am excited to present you ROZO - a new accessory for sunglasses that comes alone with your total look.

All the jewelry is hand-made designed with lots of love and passion. The jewelries are unisex and fit for both women and men.

Roni Rosen, 22, designs and creates jewelries and accessories and the owner of the backpack brand 'Roni Rosen Bags Design'.

Roni brings upgraded touch to everyday accessories and gives them unique and personal statement. Her products are designed for people who are looking to wear things differently.
All the products are hand-made, designed from high quality and durable materials.